The thought of our last transfer is starting to feel very heavy as it gets closer. On one hand, I can’t possibly describe the happiness I feel every time I pick up the meds from hell, that I know that this is the actual last time I have to go through this. On the other… Continue reading Heavy

Showing up for myself

For 5 years, I’ve given my body, mind, and soul to infertility. It has consumed me. Synthetic hormones have taken over my body and mind. There have been very few days in the past 5 years that I haven’t been on some medication or other, altering basically everything about me. My poor husband deserves an… Continue reading Showing up for myself

Nope 😭

We got the official call yesterday that the transfer didn’t work. I’ve known for awhile, but it’s official now after the blood test. I talked with my dr in the evening and we have a plan for the last one. I’m doing 2 more months on the medication from hell (and then never again), then… Continue reading Nope 😭

Let’s talk about the thing we don’t talk about

Miscarriage. It sucks, and people don’t want to hear about it. There’s a reason that women and couples suffer alone and in silence through this terrible trauma. Because when they share, people clam up and start avoiding you, like it’s some contagious disease they’re going to catch. It makes people uncomfortable and they don’t know… Continue reading Let’s talk about the thing we don’t talk about